Mar 27

Experience with AVF in children


Edited: Aug 23

Posting this on behalf of Amanda Walker in Melbourne!

I am interested to hear of experience of ANZPNA with AV fistulas in our patient population

Can each Unit please let me know of your experience during the past 3-5 yrs?

We have used AVF very infrequently and had difficulties with failure to mature/ thrombosis whilst we have very few infections with our CVL’s.


-Patient selection for AVF vs CVL,

-Post op care and surveillance,

-Strategies to improve maturation successfully used

-Which team performs the surgery ?vascular ?plastics ?adult renal ?other

-What is the success rate for reliable use?

-Monitoring strategies ?routine U/s vs indication

-Complication management – thrombosis Infection, rupture – who is responsible for management?

-Perceived long term benefits and risks

-Management after successful transplantation

-Long term consequences of paed AVF vs CVL – anyone aware of issues when our patients transition to adult services?


Thanks Mandy